black ruby at matter of material
Black Ruby @ Matter of Material
June 1, 2014
flow gallery london
Paperpulp Terra @ Flow Gallery London
April 1, 2015

Exhibition // Earth Matters – When natural and creative forces meet


Exhibition Earth Matters Artipelag

Very proud to announce that Paperpulp by Debbie Wijskamp is shown at Earth Matters exhibition!

6 February – 3 May 2015
Artipelag, Stockholm (Sweden)

For too long we have ruthlessly consumed our Earth’s assets and drained it of its resources. Forests become furniture, oceans are polluted and minerals are over-mined. For future generations it is crucial to consider a new reflection: a transformation from over-consumption towards sustainable development that is in harmony with nature, with increased respect for our environment and for each other.

Exhibiting contemporary design and its processes for the first time, Artipelag has invited curators Lidewij Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano to create a thought-provoking show that directly connects with this subject matter and museum’s meteorological site in Stockholm’s idyllic archipelago. As Edelkoort explains, “This young century has brought about a moment of reflection and radical change, making up for a century of ecological abuse, consumption, greed and violence. For the first time, a post-fossil society is emerging, using natural ingredients, offering alternatives and giving us hope for the future.”

Areas such as design, art, photography, food and fashion are increasingly driven by a new creative energy that is inspired by natural materials and sustainability. From land to sea, from forest to mountain, a wealth of ideas sprout from the Earth, analyzing and cataloguing its components: transformed into new materials, recycled remnants, oxidized alloys and vegetal colors.

The exhibition EARTH MATTERS alerts us to consider how we over-consume Earth’s resources, but also celebrates the beauty of our planet.

Lidewij Edelkoort and Philip Fimmano.