Blauw Bloesem // Small Vases 3x
October 8, 2020
Blauw Bloesem // Dipping Bowl ~ blue
January 27, 2021

Blauw Bloesem // Coffee Mug ~ blue


Blauw Bloesem by Debbie Wijskamp for Heinen Delfts Blauw

Material //
Porcelain, blue reactive glaze

Dimensions //
H 9 cm

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This mug is ideal for coffee and small cappuccino.

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“The beauty of the volatile and imperfection”

According to designer Debbie Wijskamp there is a lot of beauty hidden in volatile things and in imperfection. Her crockery set Blauw Bloesem is a beautiful example.

“Blauw Bloesem (Blue Blossom) is inspired by century old crockery sets and excavated pottery. I think it’s beautiful when you can see that pottery has a history and that it has been used. I love the texture of pottery that has stayed underground for a long time. It is special to see what time does to an object. It is as if you are holding a rough stone in your hand, instead of a polished cup or saucer.”

The tableware set Blauw Bloesem is recognized by the classic, round shapes and soft lines. This brings out the best of the textures and the Delft blue decorations. “Usually you find large decorations on Delft blue tableware, but I wanted to put the focus on small details and place these on one side of the pottery. It is as if the design is crawling out of the edge. It also makes the decoration visible when the item is being used while eating or drinking. Imagine you are preparing a beautiful meal, where you place the food in the middle of the plate, without covering the decoration.”

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